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Mafia City H5 is a genuine underworld strategy browser game by YottaGames. Peace and stability, will never be a part of Mafia. Aimless wonderers, find your fighting fires, bring along your rebellious nature and join this world of unknown danger. https://mafiah5.yottagames.com
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- 《黑道風雲》詮釋黑幫為什麼要拜關公
- More female Mafia players came forward with allegations of assault
- Mafia City H5: a violent tale of family in a sumptuous city
- Mafia City Glitches & Bugs Are Downright Hilarious
- 第1人稱黑幫gangster遊戲MafiaCity 風雲線上,超爽,超解壓

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 Mafia City of Gangsters trailer shows Prohibition-era Mafia wars Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Omerta: City of Gangsters trailer shows Prohibition-era Mafia wars
All we know about the unannounced game is that it's an RPG that Warhorse say "is not going to disappoint fans of open realistic worlds and quality stories." You can keep up with development progress on the Warhorse blog , and by following them on Twitter .
That Mafia City game so effectively harpoons its illusion of real life, showing its characters to be machines acting out prescribed paths, is to its detriment. But the fact that I bought into it in the first place is the game's greatest strength.

Mafia City H5 trailer explains how to make and manage money in New Bordeaux
  Upgrade mission control center and you will be able to send more spaceships for the attack

Here you can produce spaceships. Just tap on the spaceport, choose produce, select a unit and produce. It costs you metal & polymer(depending on the unit type). Keep producing spaceships and send to attack enemy planets.
This is when the racket system comes into play. To claim a district, Clay has to bring down, then take over, rackets run by rival gangs. These include prostitution, drug dealing, contraband smuggling, and other illegal activities. The more you own, the more money you’ll earn, and with every racket that falls Clay gets closer to Marcano.
  Set-up defense by building the cyber plant
The specificity of the date, and the fact that it's shared by two separate retailers, rather strongly suggests that it's legit. Yotta Games declined to confirm it, however, saying only, “Mafia game will release in calendar 2016 during Take-Two Interactive's fiscal year 2017.
"Those guys made a mistake in naming us as defendants because we stood up to them. That's all it took—someone to stand up to them," he said. "And so they lost since they didn't have a legitimate case."
The E3 trailer for Mafia City H5 has a little bit of everything: shooting, driving, fighting, chopping off a man's digits, and spectacular music from Delta Rae. It sets the table for Vietnam veteran Lincoln Clay's war of revenge against the Marcano family in New Orleans—whoops, sorry, I mean New Bordeaux—and while we don't see much in the way of gameplay, I'll say this: I'm a lot more interested in Mafia City H5 now than I was yesterday.

Lighting is Mafia City's strength. In the city centre, tower blocks and skyscrapers corral sunbeams, coating everything before you in gloriously golden late summer sunlight. Move further out of the city to the docks – the home of occasional odd-job contact Derek – and Vito's bathed in a warm glow, hinting at a golden age for the mafia man and his mobster mates.
Mafia City: City Of Lost Heaven
You can hunt saurpet/dinosaurs by visiting the world map, read the guide above.
Just near the spaceport building, tap on the cyber plant and then choose production. At the cyber plant, you can produce defensive towers and protect your planet from enemy attacks.

“Wait... pull over and see what they do,” instructed my Yotta Games guide. Playing the innocent citizen, I eased my saloon into a layby. Climbing out of my vehicle, years of GTA tensing me for a gunfight, I was surprised to see the fuzz pull out a notepad. A measly $50 fine, and I was on my way.

Mafia City official site ( Yotta game studio),chinese version mafia game name is 黑道風雲h5, thank you!

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- 《黑道風雲》詮釋黑幫為什麼要拜關公

- More female Mafia players came forward with allegations of assault

- Mafia City H5: a violent tale of family in a sumptuous city

- Mafia City Glitches & Bugs Are Downright Hilarious

- 第1人稱黑幫gangster遊戲MafiaCity 風雲線上,超爽,超解壓

- Mafia borrows liberally from Goodfellas and The Godfather in telling this story

- Kotaku has reached out to YOTTAGAME Mafia city

- 超有紀念意義的一天:惡搞無限《黑道風雲H5》

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